irc intro

IR&C has been conducting Consulting in various areas very successfully for years. Our secret of success is based on the balanced symbiosis of responding to customer requests, motivated employees and the use of latest technologies and knowledge.

It is extremely important to us that our work is always based on the latest scientific standards. For better and more objective verifiability of our work by the customer, we have embedded our work in an official set of rules, namely, the German DIN standard 33430 (2002) and in the international ITC guidelines. Guidelines der International Test Commission, 2001

This reference to official and recognized standards, we have consciously chosen to clearly distinguish ourselves from other suppliers. We believe that existing quality standards should be used and followed, firstly because one thereby acquires accepted rules for proper project implementation, secondly, a transparent verifiability by the customer is guaranteed and thirdly, in the part of the standardization of European directives and laws so in ever stronger way shall be required of the company. Private opinions or, "charlatanism" of dubious providers should thus be put a stop .